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Reviews are great.

All reviews. Even that one-star trouncing that makes you feel like roadkill.

Yes, even those are great.

Because it means folks are reading your book. And above all else, writers and editors love to know our work is being read.

So when a nice review comes in, it’s like making it to the stars. No matter how few copies a book has sold, a five-star review makes all the hard work worth it.

In the anthology “You Are Here,” N.E. White has assembled a fine collection of medium-length stories having a single common theme: maps. Their only other trait in common is excellence. Ranging from cartographic communication between plants to travels in time, space, or the mind — these tales prove that the Golden Age of Science Fiction and Fantasy might just prove to be right now.

I picked this book up as a download on Nook, but you may want a paper-and-ink copy. The stories are keepers. I’ve come across several of authors before: Charlotte Ashley, Andrew Leon Hudson, Daniel Ausema, and Wilson Geiger — but I’m equally impressed with those I’ve never before encountered. ~ Kopacetik, a Barnes and Noble customer

We hadn’t planned to sell print copies, but maybe we’ll revisit the idea and consider it.

If you’d like to read these “keepers”, the e-book is available at these online locations:

Amazon US
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Barnes and Noble