Lynn Rushlau

A short interview with another (new and undiscovered) author and contributor to You Are Here – Tales of Cartographic Wonders.

Lynn Rushlau

What inspired you to write a story about a map?

I was reading a book years ago that got into a section on cartographers and where they got their information (afraid I can’t remember what the book was on, but pretty sure it wasn’t just about maps). I’ve always loved maps and that section sent the wheels turning.

Do you have a special place where you go to recharge your creative muse?

Most frequently, I head outdoors. I love walking outside and that always helps whether I’m working through my current work in progress while I walk or just letting my thoughts drift. I’m lucky to have a couple of walking paths near my home with lots of trees and some (artificial) waterfalls.

Can you tell us about a time when you wished you had a map?

A few years ago I flew into Tokyo and was confident I could walk from the train station to my nearby hotel based on the map I looked at online before I left. I didn’t realize there’d be no street signs & was quickly turned around and confused. I wandered the streets, getting more and more lost and frantic before the nicest woman ever stopped and asked if I needed help. She and her mother whipped out their phones and had a battle between Google & Apple Maps. Not sure which we followed, but they actually escorted me several blocks directly to the door of my hotel.

In  your story, Safe Haven, you protagonist reveals a secret ability. What’s your secret talent?

Hmm, don’t think I’ll be admitting to any psychic gifts here. I’ll just say this is the first and only steam punk story I’ve written to date.

Lynn Rushlau graduated from the UT Austin with a degree in Anthropology and minor in Sociology—which seem like awesome planning for a life creating worlds, but she admits she wasn’t thinking that far ahead. She lives in Addison, Texas with two attention-needy cats, and is on Twitter @lrushlau.

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