Lee Blevins

It’s amazing to find out that writers are people, too. They have lives and often do things as interesting as rocket science, engineering, or stand-up comedy.

Today, our featured author holds that final occupation. But don’t be fooled. His story, The Bronze Man and the Second Son, isn’t funny at all. It is a quiet study of the dangers of reaching beyond the edges of the world.

Let’s meet You Are Here‘s comedian turned writer…

Lee Blevins

What inspired you to write a story about a map?

Growing up, like many fantasy fans, I always loved the maps in the fronts and backs of books. I started drawing my own world maps when I started writing fantasy stories.

Do you have a special place where you go to recharge your creative muse?

My special place is music on my earbuds and cigarettes. No one said it was healthy.

Can you tell us about a time when you wished you had a map?

Anytime I’ve ever had a crush on a girl I had wished I had a map towards realistic expectations.

Your story, The Bronze Man and the Second Son, focuses on the journey of an indigenous person showing a newcomer his world. I found the text contemplative, practical, and haunting. What inspired the setting?

The Bronze Man and the Second Son is inspired by “Nanook of the North” as much as anything else. Or, rather, my hazy memory of “Nanook of the North”.

Lee Blevins lives in Lexington, Kentucky. He’s a stand-up comic and a sit down tragedian. He’s on Twitter @BleeSevens.

Buy You Are Here now and help out desperate animals. While at our low introductory price of $2.99, all proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society.

Available here:

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