Critters and You Are Here

When we asked Lindsay Buroker, indie writer extraordinaire, to come on board this magic ship, I offered a mere pittance for her story.

You see, we’re a low-budget operation. Volunteers dedicate their free time to this endeavor and, to be honest, anthologies do not sell like novels. In other words, we put these story collections out at a loss.

Consequently, we’ve never been able to pay market rates to our contributing authors. Still, we can’t just ask someone like Lindsay Buroker to give us a story without some compensation.

We offered $500.00.

Our dog was a pound puppy (now deceased). Without the Human Society, he would have never made it to 17 or our hearts.

Instead of laughing, she asked that we donate the money to the Human Society of the United States.

We did.

Now you can, too.

Right now, we are offering You Are Here – Tales of Cartographic Wonders at a special low price of $2.99. All proceeds earned during this initial offering will be donated to the Human Society.

Order your copy today and make a difference.

(Coming soon to Barnes and Noble and iTunes!)


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